Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do Bavia services include?

A: Our restorative therapy has been specifically designed to help you recover faster and sleep better. It includes gentle healing massage, eucalyptus infused steam towels and aromatherapy.

Q: When should I order my Bavia service?

A: We recommend ordering at least three weeks in advance of your due date to guarantee availability, but we also take orders up until 4:30 p.m. for same day service!

Q: If I order in advance, how will you know I’m in the hospital?

A: Please call us once you are in the hospital. Your service will have been pre-paid and all we will do is set a time that works best for you. Be sure and call before 4:30 p.m. for same-day service.

Q: When should I schedule my Bavia service?

A: Our postnatal therapies are most effective the night after a natural delivery and two nights after a c-section. For hospital and bed rest therapies, we provide treatment when it most fits your needs and schedule.

Q: What if I’m buying this for a friend?

A: First, you are an amazing friend. Congratulations! Second, all you need is your friend’s email address to send them an e-gift card. From there, all your friend has to do is call us when they are in the hospital!

Q: What if my friend just gave birth and is currently in the hospital?

A: We are happy to accommodate same-day and next day services. Please call either of our Washington (206)902-7608 or Minnesota(612)547-0085 locations, to set up a time and schedule an appointment.

Q: Do patients need doctor’s permission to have Bavia Body Therapy?

A: Postpartum parents do not, but we do require doctor’s permission for bed rest and all other areas of the hospital. Therapeutic massage has been shown to be significantly beneficial to many areas of care but it is always important for the patient’s doctor to be included in all aspects of patient care.

Q: Are Bavia services reimbursable by insurance?

A: Yes, in Minnesota your F.S.A. Flexible Spending Account funds will cover your service! Simply download the FSA form, have your doctor sign it and submit it to your insurance with your receipt. In Washington, you may receive a prescription for Bavia massage from your OB. Let us know when you schedule and we will send you a receipt to send in with your prescription for possible reimbursement.

Q: Are the nurses supportive of these services?

A: Nurses have told us that their patients sleep better, use less medication and are visibly less anxious after their Bavia Body Therapy. Without speaking for anyone or everyone specifically, the nurses we are lucky to work along with have been very supportive of our care.

Q: What if I forget to call and go home without redeeming my gift?

A: We understand that things can be hectic after you have a baby and as a result, we have had customers who have forgotten to redeem their Bavia gift. While Bavia Therapy is most effective while you are still recovering in the hospital, we can also do a home service. Refunds are also available.