Hospital Inquiries

Bavia is Dedicated to the Joy of Patients and the Hospitals that Care for Them.

At Bavia, it is our joy to improve the total health care experience. And we are really good at it. In fact, 98% of Bavia clients would “Recommend their Hospital to their Friends and Family.” Our patients sleep better, are less aware of noise at night and experience an average 3-point reduction on their pain scale. In-room massage services (including Postnatal Body Therapy, our signature service for new mothers and fathers and Bavia Body Therapy for post surgical and long term care) are offered in the comfort and privacy of the patient room between 6pm-10pm the night after delivery or two nights after surgery. Because our clients tend to be well rested, they leave the hospital more confident, calmer and better informed due to greater focus and attention at discharge.

Bavia Attendants model an airline passenger experience by rounding on patients with a cart stocked with complimentary amenities such as shampoo and conditioner, tooth care and more – along with name brand products for purchase. Our Attendants extend a complimentary hot or chilled towel (divine for laboring mothers!) to each patient, offer aromatherapy and schedule our massage services at a discounted price.

Offering Equal Comfort and Care to Make All Patients, Always Patients

To see if your hospital qualifies for Bavia services please email our MN contact  or WA contact, noting:

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